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WPRCA Holiday Party - December 9th!

Westchester Putnam Rockland Counseling Association

Holiday Party

Life without Stigma: ADHD, a Paradigm Shift

Presenters: Melissa Smith & Julie Rundle
School Counselors
Walter Panas High School
Lakeland Central School District

December 9th

Registration 3:30-4:30 pm
Program begins promptly at 4:30 pm
Dinner to follow


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Melissa Smith, MS Ed

Melissa Smith has been a School Counselor for 17 years. She became extremely interested and invested in the ADHD community five years ago when her son, now 10 was diagnosed. "For the first time I felt like a "Thus" the us and them syndrome that festers throughout many public schools systems. I felt the divide at CSE meetings, in teacher emails and administrative interactions." I found myself lacking in offering quality strategies to my students diagnosed with ADHD and lived daily the struggles my son encounter with his second grade teachers."

Ms. Smith organized and spoke at several conferences in the Hudson Valley with some experts in the field. She was able to get the "guru" of ADHD, Dr. Edward Hallowell to speak at Marist College in March, 2013 and presented alongside Dr. Martin Kutshcer at Mount Saint Mary College in April; ADHD Across the Life Span. Melissa also presented at the 2012 Guidance Expo on, "ADHD A New Vision", along with several college presentations, Melissa has presented and worked with PTA/SEPTA groups, Domestic Violence Shelters, CHADD and Putnam Childcare Counsel.

A New Vision Camp was created by Smith out of concern that parents and children were struggling with finding a camp that provided ADHD education and activities for children ages 6-14 that was local and affordable.  A New Vision camp is strength based and incorporates ADHD education in a fun non-threatening way and helps children diagnosed understand their diagnosis.

Melissa is an advocate for many parents in Dutchess County and works closely with the families on her caseload at Walter Panas High School.  She facilitates a psyco-social group at the high school that meets after school. Students are allowed to fidget all they want; Smith created a place for ADHD high Schoolers to find their strengths and learn how to use them.  Organization, time management, and self-advocacy are a large piece of her work.  The goal is always to have students identify the way they see themselves (usually negative) understand why they are thinking this way , reframe the labels they have been dressed with, provide them with the strategies'   and life skills that will make managing ADHD easier now and for their future.

Julie Rundle, M.S. Ed.
Julie Rundle is currently a School Counselor Leave Replacement at Walter Panas High School. She graduated from Long Island University (Westchester Campus) last May with a Master's in School Counseling. While she was in graduate school, she also worked as a Substitute Teacher in the Lakeland Central School District, was a Graduate Assistant to the head of the Psychology, Counseling and Therapy Department, and volunteered her time at her school's National Counseling Honor Society.

Ever since she can remember, Julie has always had a desire to work with adolescents and help them manage their emotions, form healthy relationships, and ultimately be happy and successful individuals, no matter what their diagnoses are. Before attending graduate school, Julie worked as a Mental Health Worker at Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital where she was able to help teenagers in those areas. 

While volunteering at Melissa Smith's "ADHD" A New Vision Camp last summer, Julie got the opportunity to assist young children, ages 6-14 in many areas of their lives. Julie believes in the importance of teaching healthy coping skills and strategies to teens in order to help them navigate their lives and grow into healthy, prosperous adults. 

Presenter Melissa Smith uses real strategies that counselors can teach students. We are sharing this link in advance of the presentation. Thank you.

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