Thursday, October 16, 2014

Attention: High School Counselors & College Personnel

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Presenter: Ingrid Grieger, Ed.D, Director, Iona College Counseling Center, former Adjunct Professor, Fordham University, Graduate School of Education

Easing the Transition to College:
The Critical Role of the Counselor

First year college students and their parents are often unprepared for the potentially arduous task of making a successful transition to college. Although most colleges and universities offer summer orientation programs for both students and parents, they vary significantly in duration, breadth, depth and overall quality. Therefore the process of educating students and their parents about the complex expectations that college students will face, about the developmental and psychological stressors they may encounter, and about the sometimes troubling realities of college life should begin during the senior year of high school. For example, students and their parents are often unaware that college students are viewed as autonomous adults in institutions of higher education, with very few external controls, monitoring or supervision. This lack of structure can make it difficult for students to manage their time, handle competing priorities and make healthy lifestyle choices. Because students face a plethora of demands and challenges upon entering college, statistically they report higher levels of overall stress, emotional exhaustion, hopelessness, depression and thoughts of suicide than the general population. Your ability as a counselor to prepare students and parents for the challenges that lie ahead will be invaluable in helping the student make a successful transition to college, which is a critical marker for persistence to college graduation.

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