Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vote for to Help them to win a FedEx Small Business Grant!

Dear Friends,
I am reaching out to you to ask for your support regarding a new endeavor I have embarked in three years ago.  I created as a resource to assist school counselors with their program and practice.  The idea is to have a central location where school counselors can create a comprehensive website to support their program, run reports, etc...

In order to enhance the website, we have applied for a Fedex grant and have been accepted as one of the businesses competing for the grant.  I am writing to you to ask for your vote and support.  The more votes we receive the better chances we have to obtain the grant and be able to expand the site with new features.

This is a true request and not a prank.  I really would appreciate your support!  Please feel free to share with your networks.

Deborah Hardy 

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