Wednesday, January 22, 2014

“Program Review: The Price of College Sports

"We Got Game: Sports on Film," took place Thurs. Jan 16 at 7:30 pm, with Schooled: The Price of College Sports and Q&A with Bobby Valentine, Sacred Heart University Athletic Director/former Mets Manager/Executive Producer, Producer Andrew Muscato, and ESPN reporter T.J. Quinn.

The film last night on the price of college sports was truly fascinating.  The three speakers afterward were so informative, and I guess the big question is whether our college athletes should be paid.  They do get scholarship to attend the college, but all feel they are not getting an education.  Many hours are spent for them to prepare for games, and they get some tutorials to just get by at the school.  The big money goes to the coaches and athletic administration, plus all the shirts, caps, etc.  Many of the athletes were interviewed for the film, and they feel they are getting a bad deal all around.  Not sure if you want any info to go out on the blog, but thought I would send it anyway.  The documentary film is out on DVD though.
Marilyn Jablonski
[Review submitted Friday, January 17, 2014]

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