Saturday, August 10, 2013

Crosspost from Gretchen Rubin - Calm your mind by clearing your office space

Before we get back into the Fall swing of things, this is a nice post to help us clear our minds and start fresh.  Hope you are having a great summer! 

Do you keep a cluttery desk, or cluttery home life?  I have found that when I know what needs to be done, and basically keep everything in its place, I can relax and feel calmer, even if I have not yet completed tasks.  They line up in my mind's eye and I know when things need to be done, and what I need in order to complete those tasks.

When my desk looks like a volcano, I know that everything is there, but things are harder to get to and that causes me some angst.

Please take a look at this quick piece from Gretchen Rubin, posted to LinkedIn, on decluttering your sacred space in order to find inner peace - really!

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